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Beaches in Cabo

Beaches in Los Cabos

Beaches in Cabo Cabo San Lucas has some of the best beaches in the world! What makes a beach a great beach? Of course that all depends on what your looking for. But grain by grain, the beaches of Cabo San Lucas get higher marks across the board than most beaches on the planet. They're wide and beautiful, the sand is clean and white, and the water is usually very clear, warm, and calm.

The unique item on Cabo's beach agenda is that Cabo San Lucas has two distinctly different beach areas. West of town the Pacific Ocean rolls in uninterrupted to the beach, bringing swells and waves that can be very huge and powerful. Although watching these rollers come in and explode on shore can be quite a dramatic scene, swimming on these beaches can be very dangerous. Which brings us just around the Arch to the calm waters of the Sea of Cortez.

Beaches in Cabo The Sea of Cortez beaches are protected from the ocean swells by the granite peninsula at Land's End (out by the famous Arch), creating very smooth and calm conditions almost all of the time, from Lover's Beach at the tip, well up the coast towards San Jose Del Cabo. These are the beaches that made Cabo famous, and they continue to attract travelers from around the world in increasing numbers each year.

El Medano Beach is the action beach for Cabo San Lucas. It's all here! Calm water, warm sand, restaurants and bars, and water sports galore. It is very possible to get here in the morning, hang out here all day long, and never run out of things to do!