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Dining in Cabo

Favorite Restaurants in Cabo

Dinning in Cabo San José del Cabo: El Chilar, Habaneros, El Matador, Don Emiliano, La Panga Antigua, and Morgan’s.
Cabo San Lucas: La Fonda, Lorenzillos, Nick San, Mi Casa, Edith’s and Sunset Da Mona Lisa.


Los Cabos region has a wide variety of restaurants to offer, all of them with the greatest service and an exceptional food; you can find either small or big restaurants, elegant or casual, serving fast food or fine dining.

The gastronomy in Los Cabos is based on seafood of the best quality. If you add the ripeness of some of the best chefs in the world, you will enjoy one of the most exotic saucers based on shrimps, clams, lobster as well as some mollusks and crustaceans no matter what your restaurant or saucer selection is we can guarantee one of the best experiences of your palate.

Dinning in Cabo The area of San José offers a more sophisticated atmosphere where art and food share time and space in a more intimate dimension. For fine dining and great moments to share with your beloved ones we recommend you to go to San José in search of art, history and gastronomy.

The counterpart is Cabo San Lucas where the most popular places are nestled in the downtown. Fun places don’t necessarily have to serve bad food; actually these crowded places serve great food, perfect for partygoers and spring breakers.